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Use MYOB in the cloud with MYOB Certified Consultant Heather Nowak. MYOB accounting solutions for your office, in the cloud, in my training room or using one of my self paced MYOB books, training manuals or guides. With over 20 years of expertise in accounting, training and small business management I can quickly show you how to make the most from your MYOB Essentials AccountRight Live Accounts Payroll and MYOB accounting software so that you become an independent MYOB user quickly.

What is "the cloud"?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product where software and data are stored not on your computer but are made available as a utility over a network typically using the internet. Examples include Gmail and internet banking. MYOB now has a number of alternative software products which are cloud based.

Your alternatives are:

1. Store MYOB software program and data file on your computer (and back them up yourself)

2. Store the MYOB software program on your computer but store the data in the cloud or

3. Store both the MYOB software program and your data file in the cloud.

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Some small business owners are uncomfortable with the idea of "cloud-based" accounting products because there is a concern about security in that your financial records are kept on an Internet server, rather than the computer on your desk.

Why use the cloud?

          You don't have to be at your desk at work to login and view your records. You can access them at home or when travelling too. This means you can even record transactions into the system at job sites, meaning less work keying them in later back at the office.

          You can let your bookkeeper or accountant login and see your records too, instead of having to send them USB keys or discs.

          Most cloud products don't require you to install software on your computer - you access everything through a web browser. It also means you always have the most up to date version.

          If your data is sitting in a cloud data centre, in will in theory be backed up and protected.

Having your data in the cloud means it should at the very least be in a data centre monitored by professional IT staff, rather than on a computer you own, with all the risk of that computer failing. And of course, like any situation, no system is completely safe if password access codes are not kept safe.

I have been a certified MYOB consultant since 1994 and fully appreciate the stress in setting up and running your accounting software in changing times.

I can come to you on-site and work with you in your office or I can alternatively work with you in the cloud, or both.

One hour of my time with you will save you many hours of frustration.

I provide the following services:

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Set up your file to give you maximum benefit by customizing your chart  of accounts, preferences, tax codes and forms such as invoice and statement.

Direct you in such a way that you use the program in the most efficient manner.

Provide a summary of the procedures you will need to use.

Provide tuition/instruction in the use of the program.

Return at mutually agreed times or work with you in the cloud to assist with tasks such as bank Reconciliations, year end procedures, payroll and scanning the file prior to giving to your accountant.

Liaise with your accountant to ensure that the setup will provide the appropriate output for your needs.

I find that an average initial setup time is three to four hours (add more time for payroll, a network environment and/or inventory setup). Two to four follow up visits is the norm.  

My hourly charge is $120, with a minimum of 2 hours per visit.  

I receive phone calls from clients and happily assist here free of charge. If the problem is to complex I will suggest a visit.

I am happy to provide local reference sites for you to ring. My clients come from all types of business (small, medium and large) and in almost every industry imaginable.

Give me a call on 0413620742 or

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