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Are you getting frustrated wasting time trying to understand how MYOB operates? Heather Nowak of Computer Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd has been a specialist MYOB certified consultant since 1994. Heather has taught MYOB classes and has written how-to manuals for beginners and advanced users. Let Heather show you the key things about how MYOB ticks so that you can quickly get back to running your financial accounts more efficiently.

Over the years MYOB has become the software of choice for many small businesses but the default set up of the software (when it is taken out of the box) is sometimes too complex for many small businesses requirements. This is where Heather's expertise comes into its own. Heather will quickly show you how to cut out the surplus stuff and make the program really efficient for your particular needs. One hour with Heather will save you countless hours of frustration. Heather prefers to come to your premises and work with you on site or you can attend her training centre and bring your data with you. She provides free backup phone/email support to all her clients.

Frequently asked questions.

Do you sell MYOB software?

Yes I do but please order it a couple of days in advance of your appointment. Contact me if you are unsure as to which MYOB program would best suit your needs. There are lots of alternative to choose from.

How long does it normally take to set up a new business on MYOB?

It depends on how organised you are - do you have the necessary source documents -  how complex is your business? A general guide is about 3 hours. My minimum charge is 2 hours.

Do you charge for your travel time?

I only charge for travel if it takes me more than 60 minutes to drive to your premises from my office in Ormeau on the south side of Brisbane (mid way between Beenleigh and the Gold Coast). I have lots of clients located on the north side of Brisbane so I tend to book clients that are in the same area on a day and therefore traveling is not charged - if I may can  fit you in on my rounds that day then I will. Naturally if you need urgent assistance I will come to you as soon as I can. I may also request reimbursement for parking if there is restricted parking around your premises - parking fees can be very high in some places. Please note that I will always clarify the situation with you before any appointment is confirmed.

I am a raw beginner but I want to become MYOB savy in order to obtain work in this area. What can you offer me?

I have lots of clients who have just started on their MYOB journey. Some are students who need MYOB accounting skills for work while others are just starting a business and need a hand to run the accounts. With me you have a choice to come to my training room for a day/half day or alternatively I can come to your premises. In all cases I tailor the training session to your particular business needs. If you are time poor I can offer you a MYOB Basics workbook which will soon show you the most important principles that make MYOB tick so that you will feel confident enough to handle MYOB in your small business.

What if I get stuck after seeing you? What ongoing help do you offer?

It happens all the time - I hold a training session with you and you go home and start to apply what you have learned only to find that you have a problem or two. I am only a phone call or an email away. I willingly assist my clients if they have an issue. Obviously if it is too complex to solve over the phone/email you may have to book me for a revisit.

How often would I expect to have you come back to give me further training?

It really depends upon your particular situation. I have long standing customers who ask me back regularly a number of time a year to assist with BAS or end of year accounts etc. Some clients have ongoing needs to master more complex parts of the program such as multicurrency or inventory control. My minimum charge is 2 hours and even if the issue is just a small one you can always load me up with lots of questions or ask for more advanced training to fill in the rest of the 2 hours.

I have end of year financials coming up. How can you help me?

The majority of my clients have me come in to check over their end of year accounts. July is a mad time of the year - everyone wants my services so my clients know to book me up as early as they can. When I receive a booking I send a list of important things that a client must have ready when I visit them - it helps us both to efficently run through the end of year process.

What is so special about your training workbooks?

I have been working in MYOB based business consultancy training for a very long time. I also have a strong teaching background so I have seen it all. My self paced workbooks quickly get to the core of what you need to know about how MYOB works best for your business. Its the way I have shown my clients for over 20 years with great success. The workbooks are a sum total of all the short cuts I have learned and how you can apply them to your business. I have taught TAFE courses so I know the difference between training to pass an exam for a qualification and training you to understand your BUSINESS financial needs using MYOB. That is my differentiation. My training books are directed at business. My training books work.

If you have a question please fill out the form on the right and I will post the question and the answer here.

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For all your MYOB support needs - on-site help / assistance, training courses or work books manuals guides and booklets. Areas covered from Gold Coast to Brisbane area including Beenleigh Yatala Ormeau Coomera Helensvale Springwood Logan and Pacific Pine. Computer accounting solutions MYOB certified consultant, approved trainer and publishing partner Heather Nowak servicing accountants and small business MYOB software operators and clients since 1994.

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