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Computer Accounting Solutions has, for many years, worked closely and successfully with many accountants in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas in the setup and support of their client's MYOB data.

Free Services offered to Accountants:    

Advice on latest issues concerning MYOB.    

Demonstrations for staff - such demos often include explanations of typical issues/problems facing clients and mechanisms for validating data files supplied by clients.

Services offered to your clients:    

Set up of clients files (charged on an hourly rate direct to the client)  

A choice of on-site or small group training sessions.    

Assistance to become efficient users of the software.    

Assistance to supply data in the format preferred.    

Assistance to complete adjustments deemed necessary and turn over books at year end.  

Assistance with upgrading to new versions.  

Checking of BAS data before being handed on for final preparation.

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Computer Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd has worked closely and successfully with accountants and their clients in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas since 1994. The areas I service include Brisbane East suburbs such as Cleveland, Alexandra Hills, Victoria Pt, Mt Cotton, Manly, Wynnum, Capalaba and Wakerley. My recently released training manual - MYOB for Accountants - was written specifically to help accountants appreciate MYOB fundamentals without having to become an expert in data entry.

Heather Nowak training materials and books

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MYOB for Accountants - book by Heather Nowak

The aim of this 60 page book is to help you, as an accountant, to quickly come to grips with how MYOB software operates without becoming an expert at data entry. This knowledge will help you to be able to review the data to confirm that it represents a true and fair account of the entity's transactions.

$70 (printed) Includes postage

$50 (pdf format)

New release

MYOB - for Accountants

Heather Nowak registered BAS agent