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Identifying the right person to run your financial/bookkeeping department is not easy.  Identifying a skilled person who can handle the range of accounting and administrative tasks in a small business is vital to the success of any business. Choosing a person with appropriate MYOB skills to run your MYOB financial bookkeeping can make a huge difference.

If you are a small business operator and feel you do not have sufficient background to identify a person with in-depth knowledge of MYOB I can assist you. With almost 20 years experience working as a certified MYOB consultant I have worked with thousands of small business owner/operators. I therefore understand the detail workings of MYOB accounting and fully appreciate the wider bookkeeping requirements of small businesses.

It is important that the person you select to take charge of your MYOB/accounting should possess the appropriate skills. I can advise you on what things to look out for if you are unsure. Give me a call on 0413620742 for a chat or

Alternatively if you want to test prospective staff on your own but know little about MYOB and need to feel confident that the person interviewed has the necessary MYOB skills? Use Docs in a Box  - a set of simulated real life source documents - to give to an applicant to test their knowledge and ultimately help you in the selection process. This practice package of sample accounts records a business operating over a 2 month period. A solutions manual is included so you can check that the practice accounts have been entered correctly and that the final reports are accurate.

Don’t leave your MYOB/bookkeeping/finances tasks to unskilled personnel.

Ring 0413620742 or fill in and submit the form.

It costs nothing to enquire how we can assist you.

Looking to land a job in administration running MYOB?

In my work I occasionally come across clients who are seeking

admin or office staff with MYOB accounting skills.

Make contact with me and I may be able to put you in touch

with such businesses (depending upon what level of MYOB

experience my client may require).

Indentifying a skilled MYOB staff member

Not experienced enough in MYOB Essentials AccountRight Live Accounts Payroll or MYOB accounting software to select a staff member?  Let me help you identify job applicants that may have the necessary MYOB skills. Let me show you what information and test resources are available. I cover areas around Brisbane East including Cleveland, Alexandra Hills, Victoria Pt, Mt Cotton, Manly, Wynnum, Capalaba and Wakerley.  

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Docs in a Box - Heather Nowak training materials