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12 May 2014

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CAS May 2014 Newsletter

The end of financial year is fast approaching and MYOB has recently released some exciting products and upgrades including totally cloud based MYOB Essentials.

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22 May 2014


MYOB Add - ons

The number of add - ons to MYOB accounting are growing every day. Developers pay to be listed but this may give you added confidence that minimum standards are being met.

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ATO Help for small business

The Australian Tax Office has a number of tools and products that could be of valuable assistance to small business.

These include videos, webinars and a new smartphone App.

Click here to vist the ATO site.

28 May 2014


PAYG payment summary going online

I have just become aware that PAYG Payment Summary Statement (that is prepared as part of the closing the payroll year process), can no longer be sent in via magnetic media. In previous years I have copied it to a CD for clients who have mailed it to the ATO. It now has to be lodged on-line. In order to be prepared for this you need to have the following:

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12 June 2014


28 June 2014

End of Year MYOB payroll guides

Remember, the key deadlines for your payroll year are 14th July for payment summaries, 28th July for superannuation, 28th July for your Business Activity Statement (if you report quarterly) and 14th August for lodging your PAYG annual report with the Australian Taxation Office.

Remember also that you can no longer send in your end-of-year payment summaries to the ATO on a CD or USB. You now have to submit this file electronically.

And yes, the tax table rates have changed slightly with changes in the Medicare levy and student loan repayment thresholds. You don't have to upgrade to the latest version of MYOB in order to update your tax tables. Give me a ring if you need help. I have an end of year payroll year checklist and can work with you in step by step explanations of how to balance PAYG, super and wages, an explanation of how to configure payment summaries and check that they balance and what to do when you start a new payroll year.


1 July 2014

2014 Tax Tables

What a small business needs to get done?


Just Another Training Workbook?

After 20 years in the business I know exactly what a business user requires so I get straight to the heart of what you need to know. MYOB - The Basics training manual is practical, direct, simple to understand and most importantly aimed at YOU, the small business operator.

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27 July 2014


September 2014 Newsletter

Read about the latest information from MYOB including Superstream, Bank Feeds, MYOB PayDirect and upgrading to AccountRight Live. I have also included information about a web site that measures you internet speed plus an announcement about my 3 new training booklets.

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16 Sept 2014


Beyond the Basics - The Next Step

MYOB is a great financial solution and there are a variety of methods to quickly come to grips with what it has to offer. The latest training book, MYOB Beyond the Basics, has just been released to further expand mastery of the applications of this innovative software. The no nonsense manual offers a variety of processes/ skills/approaches that will enhance your experience and understanding and help you to become a more competent user of your MYOB software.

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21 Feb 2015



End of payroll year


Mobile app Pay Direct

Lodging BAS directly from MYOB

Smart Bills

MYOB Essentials

Training Books

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22 Feb 2015


Business Structure

What type of business are you?

Do you wish to change from a sole trader to a company?

Lots of information available from .........

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27 May 2015


11 Excel Tips and Tricks

Getting as much as you think you are getting from Excel?

Improve your efficiency and proficiency skills with these basic shortcuts.

Courtesy of  .........

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10 Aug 2015


Real Life Simulation Training

Recently upgraded to include online transactions, Docs in a Box contains realistic documents to simulate the financial operation of a small business over 2 months. The package can be used to teach computer accounting - as a test to choose a new employee, or to brush up existing skills or as a real life exercise for schools and colleges. Includes teacher's manual, student instructions, accounting files (based on MYOB), printable pdfs and an answer/solution sheet.

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13 Aug 2015


Small Business Help

Its hard to run a business on your own. Sales, bookkeeping, marketing, customer support, work life balance ....

Join the Flying Solo community and get sound advice about all sorts of business related things from other small business owner/operators.

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15 Aug 2015


New ATO business app

This tool gives a quick snapshot of the financial health of your business as a comparison against similar businesses in your industry.

Among other things the app can be used to calculate the amount of tax to withhold from salary and wage payments and work out if exmployees are eligible for superannuation guarantee and calculate super contributions.

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20 Aug 2015


MYOB small business tips and hints

Payroll and PAYG guide

Hiring via social media

Writing killer SEEK advertisements

Interview questions

When to hire new employee.

Lots of helpful advice and downloads.

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11 Sept 2015


MYOB Student edition software

Ideal way for students to practice course curriculum taught at schools, TAFE, Higher Ed and Private Training Institutions.

Included in package is 5 MYOB software titles, user guides and also helpful BAS and EOY process guides.

Team this with my Docs in a Box and other MYOB training manuals

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14 Feb 2017


Complete Payment Integration

"We know from our clients that cash flow is consistently the number one pain point for small business operators and we are delighted that we can bring together a solution that enables our clients to reduce administration time and costs and improve cash flow through the automation of payment services for their businesses."     Tim Reed (CEO MYOB)

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26 Feb 2017


MYOB Payroll Training Exercise

The aim of this exercise booklet is two fold - to provide some practice for self directed learners who have no real business environment to implement their newly learned skills and to be used in a classroom learning situation. In both cases it is intended to be used in conjunction with the training manual “MYOB - Payroll”.

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23 Feb 2017


March 2017 CAS Newsletter

End of payroll year, SuperStream, Moving to AccountRight, Training Courses, Locum Services, Training Books and more.

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20 March 2017


MYOB vs Xero

Many questions about which one to use? Here is proof that MYOB is an excellent choice.

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29 June 2017


December 2017 CAS Newsletter

Single Touch Payroll, Simplified BAS, Cloud Version, Training Courses, Locum Work, Training Books and more ........

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07 Dec 2017


My MYOB Credentials

I was delighted to be asked for my "credentials" by a prospective client recently - a valid request I have not had for many years because by far the majority of my business is done by word of mouth through referrals.

I have been an MYOB Certified Consultant and Director of Computer Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd for over 24 years. In addition, I am an MYOB Approved Trainer and an MYOB Publishing Partner. I am registered with the Tax Practicianers Board as a BAS agent and I am a member of the Australian Bookkeepers Association. I have a Degree in Commerce from Melbourne University (majoring in Accounting and Economics) and a Diploma in Teaching with 20 years experience. I am a registered trainer with a number of public and private registered training organisations. Since 1993 I have worked with many thousands of large and small businesses covering many industries.

02 Feb 2018

Heather Nowak registered BAS agent
Heather Nowak graduate Melbourne University

November 2018 CAS Newsletter

Single Touch Payroll, Superannuation Rate, New Versions of Account Right and Account Edge and more ........

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22 Nov 2018


Feb 2019 CAS Newsletter

Single Touch Payroll, New Version of Account Right and holidaying again.

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27 Feb 2019


Single Touch Payroll

Here is what you need to know.

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5 Mar 2019