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When should you change from the CLASSIC platform (current v19) to the LIVE platform (current version 2014.2)?

It is possible for Standard and Plus.  Premier is due to go LIVE very soon.

The software will not run as quickly in the cloud. However the increased productivity of direct bank feeds and access to multiple users even for Standard and Plus owes may out weight this.  MYOB are constantly working to increase the speed of the cloud platform. The payroll section actually runs faster in AccountRight Live than on the Classic platform.

If very simple remote access is needed.

If you want new features. The Classic platform is only being kept compliant for tax purposes but is having no new features added. The following is a list of some of the new features on the AccountRight Live platform — display more than one report at a time; wider search capability; resize and move columns and sort like a spread sheet; optimisation and verify removed from the program; forms are now part of the data file - they can’t be lost or need to be constantly updated on all computers using the file; the multiple pricing matrix is now available in Standard and Plus; can select particular employees for a pay run by certain criteria e.g. employment classification; negative pay cheques are possible; a pay run can be saved and resumed; audit tracking of all changes to the data file is now automatic; data is not purged on the close of a financial year - makes for easier lookup over years; the “allow” message does not have appear when sending emails.

HOW do you upgrade to the LIVE platform:

Check hardware requirements.

Download software

Install software.  Default location:  C:Program files (x86)/MYOB/AccountRight/2014/AU

Verify and optimize the current classic file.

Upgrade the file.  Do the extra tasks such as setting up User Accounts, Migrating customised forms and reset BASlink and any Customized Reports.

Place in cloud.

THINGS TO KNOW about AccountRight LIVE:

When a file is created it is located in an area called the Library.  The default location for version 2014 is in the Documents Folder.  For earlier versions it is in C/Users/Public/Public Documents/MYOB/My Accountright Files/au

The data file is automatically backed up (the word “synchronised” is used) to your computer every 20 minutes.  It is possible to do a manual synchronise. This “copy” is stored on your hard drive in C:Users/XXX (being computer name)/AppData/Local/MYOB/AccountRight/Offline/Sync. It is from this location that your “backup” could be retrieved if anything ever happened to the cloud copy. Before you you see this file you would have to set your computer to show “Hidden Files & Folders” - Windows 7 - Explorer/Organise/folder & Search options/view

The only way a customised form name can be changed once it is migrated into an AccountRight Live data file is by using the SAVE AS option.

A file can be “Checked Out’ i.e. taken off line, by a computer other than the one that the file was uploaded from.  However that person/computer must “check” the file back in.

If you want to remove a data file from the cloud and/or replace it with another file — call MYOB

Don’t change the name of the data file. It can be done but it involves too much effort.

How can you can access  your file if the internet is down?   Go to the computer that last used the data file because it has the latest version of the sync file. Copy and past it to the local library.  Open and use on the desktop. Before attempting to upload this “new” file to the cloud, backup the file and keep the backup safe. Go into the Welcome Window and choose RESTORE. When in this area, choose upload via the “on-line” option. This should take this current file back up into the cloud and replace the one there. Check to confirm. You may need help with this.

"AccountRight Live - May 2014"

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