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Business Focussed Training Manuals / Workbooks

MYOB training manuals / workbooks come in 3 guises - academically focussed, computer software focussed or business focussed. Sometimes workbooks attempt to cover all three. There are subtle differences.

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The majority of MYOB training guides/books have been specifically written for students undertaking business management courses who need to pass a skills based exam. These training books attempt to cover a range of specific skills and use demonstrations/exercises so that the student can show later that they have mastered a particular skill as outlined in that business course. These books have been written for training organisations such as TAFE or large private training centres.

Then there are the self paced MYOB training workbooks focussed on how the software works. These books essentially progress through each component of the MYOB software menu and explain how and why each of these operate. A number of training manuals have been written by computer "boffins" who enjoy computer programs generally and see MYOB as just that - a piece of software that needs explanation. Generally authors of these types of workbooks want to cover every aspect of the MYOB software and show the user all the things that MYOB can do. They try to simplify the program but because they cover so much peripheral ground only make it appear more complicated than it need be.

Because of this bias I have realised a vital segment of the market that has been neglected - the small business owner starting out with a new business or an existing user who just needs a little help. Forget about exams, forget about academic skills, forget about the software itself. Its about your business, your accounts and your business needs. Most users want assistance immediately, want it specifically targeted to their current needs and, more importantly, they don't want to bombarded with "surperfulous white noise."


All my MYOB training manuals are targeted specifically at the small business owner/operator who wants to apply MYOB software to their business (and accounting application) and is only interested in those parts of the software that apply directly to them. That means no delving into areas which are currently not important to them - that might come later when they are more familiar with the program and want to know more. MYOB - The Basics, for example, is tailored directly for a small business person who is starting out or just needs a little support on the issues they have found before them.

After 20 years in the business I know exactly what a business user requires so I get straight to the heart of what you need to know. All my MYOB training manual are practical, direct, simple to understand and most importantly aimed at YOU, the small business operator. Check out my training manuals here.

MYOB The Basics training book